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MKTGVentures works with innovative independent and PE-backed marketing services, marketing performance advertising agencies and commerce agencies to drive revenue and margin growth and, prepare for exit

We are here to listen and provide expert guidance and perspective in your journey. We are patient if you are and aggressive if you need.

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Advice and Help.



“MKTGVentures exists to be useful to the Marketing Services [Agency,) Marketing Services, CX/Ecommerce Services community. We are not consultants looking for a gig, our work and support is one of the ways we pay it forward to our Marketing/CX community. We are former founders, Owners, and Executives of some of the most successful marketing businesses in history who are looking to provide helpful guidance, perspective, and support for today’s leaders. Sometimes these are just several conversations and then, “Good luck”. Often, we can be more helpful than that."

Reuben Hendell, Managing Partner

Led by Reuben Hendell,

Co-Founder Digitas,

CEO MRM Worldwide,

CEO eBay Marketing Services,

CEO BlueAcorniCi.


We work across the ecosystem to provide trusted guidance and counsel to CEOs, Founders, Owners and Buyers.

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